Coin Price 24h % Has Launched A New Version Of Its User Interface

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To enhance the trading experience for our users, has launched a new version of the user interface. Users will notice the change of the interface when opening the website. Meanwhile, to cater to what users have become accustomed to, most of the positions of statistics and commonly used keys are the same as before. If there are any problems with running the local browser, please try the following procedures:

1. Press “Ctrl+F5” for Windows or ⇧ + ⌘ + R for Mac to refresh the website.
2. If the above step doesn’t work, please try to clean the cache of the browser more thoroughly and reopen the site.
3. If the above two steps still don't help, please contact the customer service and visit the old version at
4. For those who are not accustomed to the new version, please visit the old version at

What’s New
1. The entire interface has been updated
2. Added “Market” including trading information of “Spot” and “Futures.”
3. Added classification of the tokens, including “ETF,” “Exchange Tokens,” and “Halving.”
4. An updated menu that provides a better overview of ranking; trading variations such as spot trading, futures, and ETF are included in “Trade.”
5. An updated trading that provides a more interactive interface.
6. Added Auto Hide Function of the menu in order to spare more space.
7. For users of the App, the interface hasn't changed.

We are excited about the change. We hope you are too. Any suggestions are sincerely welcome, so we are looking forward to hearing any kind of feedback from our users about our brand new site. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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March 19, 2020
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