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2020-09-30 17:59:47Read:17788 Tags: bi-weekly report brings hot events and breaking news to help you stay ahead of the market. Here is a quick recap of what matters most to you in the past two weeks: is gong to launch “Lockup BTC, ETH, USDT and GT to Earn” products everyday during China’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, to bring more earnings to happy traders. has listed a stablecoin USDG, which is now a member of eco. And we also has launched “Earn” and“Loan” products for USDG to facilitate more earning chances. has rolled out a Quantitative Trading Strategies Center, providing a strategies repository for spot and future trading. has released “Wallet S1”, a hardware wallet with fingerprint recognition, giving a professional security solution to even beginning users. has more liquidity mining products launched at “HODL &Earn”section. has held more competitions with attractive prizes, such as “Deposit AVAX to Win 5000 USDT”, “Buy WGRT to Win Win BMW G310R, Macbook Pro and Gold Bar”.

During the past two weeks, perpetual contracts markets have seen a total trading volume about 1,506,025,016 USDT and spot markets have seen a total volume about 1,616,727,778 USDT.

1.More Earning for Happy Traders For Seven Days
From October1st to October 7th, we will release 4 Lockup &Earn products at 4: 00 AM UTC every day; Lock BTC to Earn BTC (APR 7%), Lock ETH to Earn ETH (APR 8%), Lock USDT to Earn USDT (APR 9%), and Lock GT to Earn USDG (estimated APY 10%-15%).
Join now at

2.Gate USD (USDG) LIsted has added USDT / USDT market on September 29th. On September 28th, commenced a 7- day ‘Earn ’ product to allow locking USDG to earn USDG. The total position is capped at 5 million USDG and estimated annualized yield about 15%. October 1st will be the first day for a consecutive 7 days of earning when locking GT to earn USDT starts at HODL&Earn section. Join it at
The Gate USD (USDG) is a crypto-collateralized stable coin aiming to stabilize its value relative to USD.

3. Quantitative Trading Strategies Center Launched has rolled out a Quantitative Trading Strategies Center, providing grid trading strategy (for spot and future trading), MACD and Dual Moving Average strategies. More strategies are coming soon. The quantitative trading functionalities are available on both our webpage and mobile App. View more at webpage at

4. Hardware Wallet “Wallet S1” Launched
We launched the “S1” Wallet equipped with fingerprint functionality. It was developed by and our eco partner. The private key of the wallet is locked in the hardware itself. You just need to connect your Wallet S1 to a laptop or a phone and then you can authorize a transfer transaction with your fingerprint. Safe and easy. Read more at

5. Lock GT To Earn DeFi Tokens Everyday
Beginning September 1st, has launched “Lock GT to Earn DeFi Tokens” products. In the past two weeks, two products “Locking GT to Earn UNI” and “Locking GT to Earn MPH” were fully subscribed to , locking a total of 20 million GT. On September 29th, launched “Lock GT to Earn Points” product, which uses floating interest rate, estimated annualized yield ranging from 30% to 50%. will release more products later o bring our users more chances of earning. View more at:

6. Lock BTC, USDT, ETH To Earn A Stable Yield

Friday’s “Lock BTC to Earn BTC”, “Lock ETH to Earn ETH” concluded successfully with all position fully subscribed to in a very short period of time. We also launched “Lock Popular Coin to Earn DeFi Tokens” products , which are welcomed by our users. On September 28th and September 29th, we launched two versions of “Lock Popular Coin for 7 Days to Earn” products, estimated annualized yield up to 9%. Join now at

7. DeFi Liquidity Mining launched a 14-days “Lock AXIS to Earn DeFi Rewards”product, estimated annualized yield up to 80%. 50,000 AXIS were fully subscribed to on the day of launch. Other ongoing liquidity mining products are distributing interest on a daily basis now. View more at

8. More Competitions And More Bonus.
In the past two weeks, have held four competitions and campaigns in total.
On September 26th (until October 8th), launched “Smart Quantitative Trading Competition to Win 7000 GT”, which is a daily competition, producing 30 winners every day. The competition will continue for a consecutive 12 days and thus producing 360 winners in total. Besides, there are 300 GT for lucky traders. Learn more at

From September 18th to September 25th, held a Uniswap (UNI) deposit and trading competition, with a prize pool of 70,000 USDT. Learn more at
From September 24th to September 30th, launched “ Buy WaykiChain(WGRT) To Win BMW G310R, Macbook Pro and Gold Bar” competition. The competition has now concluded with great success. Prizes will delivered to winners shortly. Learn more at
From September 22nd to September 28th, the top 100 users by net AVAX deposit ranking will share 5000 USDT. Learn more at

9. Mid-Autumn Festival Presents Extended To Users From VIP1-VIP6
“Mid-Autumn Festival Presents” campaign has concluded successfully already. This time, we randomly selected additional 100 present packages to users ranging from VIP1 to VIP6. Learn more at

10. More New Listings
In the past two weeks, we have added WING, AVAX, NBS, UNI, SFG, RFUEL, USDG, and SUP to trading markets. View more at

11. More ETFs
We have added more leverages ETFs, including 3X leveraged ETFs for INK, TRX, ATOM, DOT, SUSH, UNI, and AVAX. The leveraged ETFs rebalance every day to back to a 3 X leverage; profit will increase the position and loss will decrease the position. When trading leveraged ETFs, a user do not need to pay margin. He can simply buy and sell to have the exposure as if he is trading with leverage. Learn more at

12. Launch AVAX And UNI Perpetual Contracts And Margin Trading
We have added AVAX and UNI Perpetual Contracts markets (USDT margin), supporting up to 20 leverage. View more at
We also added AVAX and UNI margin trading pairs, supporting up to 3X leverage. Peer-to-peer lending at available at

13. Listing Votes: MPH and DVP Listed
Morpher (MPH) received 48,162,600 votes on the No.41 vote and Decentralized Vulnerability Platform(DVP) received 45,433,357 votes on the No.42 vote respectively. Both projects were listed and voting rewards were credited to voters. All USDT collected from these two votes will be used to buyback and burn GT.

14. Ranked The Top 5 at CoinGecko World Exchange Rankings With Full Trust Score has been listed as the Top 5 exchanges at Coingecko, with a full trust score (10). We are amongst the 6 exchanges in the world with a full score. View more at

15. Finished YAM V2 to YAM V3 Migration and SAL to SLM Swap

On September 19th, started to migrate YAMV2 to YAM V3 (symbol/ticker now is YAM) and commenced trading, deposit and withdrawal for YAMV3 (YAM). On September 21nd at 20:00 UTC, completed the first YAM V3 (Now YAM) rebase successfully. continues to prove trading, deposit and withdrawal for YAM V2. On September 21st, swapped SAL for SLM.
Trade YAM at
Trade SLM at

16. Released An All New Points Management Functionality

On September 21st, released an all new Points Management functionality, allowing users to view their Points and buy Points. Transfer function is limited to old Points. Learn more at our webpage: is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. We charge zero listing fees and only choose quality and promising projects. We always intend to improve and innovate to reward our users for their continuous support.

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September 30th, 2020

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